He Looks For Energy in Indonesia (Hürriyet Newspaper Interview)

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Emin Hitay, chairman of Hitay Holdings who is famous with his entrepreneurship and as a contemporary art collector prepares to make a series of energy investments in Indonesia. Hitay who set himself a goal of achieving turnover higher than 1 billion USD in 2016 says “I never have emotional ties with the businesses I found, I can sell all of my businesses.” Hitay who have founded more than 30 companies since he was 22 years old now utilizes the opportunities abroad.


He sold his shares in Iddaa for 80 million USD.
There are Teknoser, the biggest system integration and field services company of Turkey, DORinsight, the biggest online research company of Turkey, Napolyon, the database company, 2Nokta providing service for retail sector, Exim which offers solutions of security technologies, Bilyoner, the leading online sport and bet games platform of Turkey under the roof of Hitay Holdings. Hitay sold Planet for 26 million Euros and sold his 20 percent shares in İddaa to the Greek for 80 million USD..


Who is Emin Hitay?
Emin Hitay grew up in Istanbul. He was graduated from Kabataş Boys’ High School. Hitay who studied in Ege University, Faculty of Business Administration had private sector experience in Silkar Holdings after being employed in Ege University, Institute of Calculus for 3 years as public servant. He decided to become an ‘entrepreneur’ after those experiences. Being interested in textile trade and having performed the business of thread weaving for a while; Hitay transferred from textile sector which he continued to operate till 1988 to the sector of data processing. Emin Hitay realized Exim, his first investment in data processing in 1988 together with his partner and introduced the barcode system to Turkey. Emin Hitay who progresses on the way to become one of the leading enterprise capital companies of Turkey has had more than 30 enterprises. The most famous ones among these have been Planet, İddaa and Bilyoner. Hitay purchased the waterside residence in Bebek, belonging to ship owner Sadıkoğlu Family in 2006 for 20 million USD. Hitay who sold Planet for 26 million Euros made his most striking sale by selling his 20 percent shares in İddaa to the Greek for 80 million USD.

Forbes Magazine Interview

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One should give Emin Hitay the credit. He seeks to earn his keep through innovation and establishing new businesses all the time. Are all his enterprises successful? Certainly not but this is just what we call entrepreneurship…

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If the things shared by people in Instagram give clues about their lives, we can say there are three things Emin Hitay, chairman of Hitay Holdings likes best: Traveling, Indonesia and art… You can see him on Safari in Kenya or while he is in Tataristan or Venice in the photographs he shared and sometimes he appears in motorcycle taxis named “Gojek” in Jakarta or in rafting in Bali or while cutting the cake to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Hitay Energy Holdings and sometimes with students he sent to Art Basel or in 50th art life anniversary celebrations of Devrim Erbil… Also some of his photos are from his personal collection that he does not disclose the size publicly.